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Breakfast Menu

Elevate Your Mornings at Tampa Heights Bungalow

We are delighted to inform our guests that Tampa Heights Bungalow provides a curated selection of simple yet exquisite breakfast items each morning. This addition is designed to ensure a delightful start to your day, complemented by the ease and charm of a homely breakfast experience. Embark on your Tampa adventures with a heartwarming meal that sets the tone for a memorable day.

To personalize your breakfast experience, kindly complete our menu survey by 6 PM the day prior to each morning’s breakfast. To ensure the freshness and preparation of your meal, please submit your selections only one day in advance. This will allow us to prepare and personalize your breakfast choice. Your breakfast will be prepared between 730am and 9am. Breakfast, cereal, and acai bowls can be stored in the fridge and eaten at a later time. Water, milk, and juice will be available. 

Please note, our home-cooked meals are most suitable for guests with flexible dietary preferences and minimal food allergies. No add-on substitutions are offered.  

Each guest is required to complete the menu individually each day to cater to specific tastes and preferences. 

For seamless transactions, we accept payments via Cash, Paypal, Apple Pay, or Zelle ONLY. We kindly ask that payments be made prior to meal consumption to ensure a smooth experience.

We look forward to enhancing your stay with us through our dedicated culinary offerings.

The Team at Tampa Heights Bungalow.

Please utilize the space provided below to indicate any specific requests regarding the removal of items from your chosen breakfast menu options. For instance, should you prefer your Avocado Toast without tomatoes, kindly note that here. Please be advised that while we accommodate the removal of items, we do not offer substitutions for add-on foods.