Smart Building Systems-Risk Mitigation-Public Security

No matter you industry,
digital transformation can create efficiencies,
drive growth and enhance your bottom line.

Smart Sensors Save Costs


We provide multi-sensor process that work for you. Because network infrastructure connects our lives – remote sentries continuously check equipment – network status with real time alerting. Data collected can be analyzed…


Smart Building solutions can deliver excellence in  facility management. With “internet connected tools” we can save operating costs and above all, increase availability – support uptime compliance-enhance security. 


With our DCEP certification we understand your energy challenges and we practice Department of Energy initiatives. Increase Control of operations and efficiencies with visibility across distributed infrastructure. 

Remote Facility -Modular- Data Center

Telecom, Fiber, Medical, Utility, Infrastructure
Critical sites of all sizes save operating costs
with managing security and BMS, and with video integration.

Smart Door Access

Live video feed every time a door opens and closes. Enables better security overall. Remote management and control of doors and critical cabinets and enclosures enhances security

Air Quality Monitoring

Compliance today means Clean Air, whether sensing or tracking Air Handling systems, we can deliver the ability. To know what can’t be seen for compliance and remote management

Remote Power Management

Facility and Power status in real time with continuous monitoring. Allow for data collection as well capture of unexpected occurrences.
Knowing usage provides for efficiencies and trends over time.

Smart Lighting

Specialty lighting has been our focus and efficiency with LED and smart technology is easy to achieve. Saving costs make sense when you can monitor and control

Public Health & Safety

Smartxcan automates entries of persons with accuracy of thermal scan to detect early onset of illness. Smart sensors for remote patient monitoring offer real time assistance with at home comfort . Today at home care with direct communication with health providers is covered by insurance.

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